Complete Vendors Care – A Better Way For Your IT

No More Dealing with Multiple Technology Vendors

With our Proactive & Preventive Care, we’ll do the heavy lifting, while you manage your business operations, not your computers & network hardware, software vendors and the ISP.

One Vendor, One Bill, One Control Panel, and One Source of Support.
Ever deal with numerous technology vendors, in order to resolve an issue at the office? That is why we take care of it for you, whether there is an issue with your internet service provider , to reporting a failed server/PC drive issue. You are one phone call or email away from your assigned account manager to report such issues; we will take care of the rest.

Our Support Team

Get support for all of your IT solutions and get technical issues resolved faster and more accurately

Our technical team work behind-the-scenes, in order to keep your network/hosted products performing at its top performance. This ensures that nothing distracts you focusing on your business. But should an issue rise, we’re here for you.

What happens when something happens?

Every network/cloud service provider has its glitches, Even Microsoft and Google. Thedifference is how quickly they resolve the issue while keeping you informed, and set the expectations on the resolution, we strive to act in full transparency and timely information with our customers. We strive to guarantee the following:

  • Quick notification and response of any issue. We first start with identifying a potential or existing issue, to process distributions notificationsto the impacted customers within five minutes. That’s how you know that it’s being taking care of.
  • You choose your communications methods. We can notify you on many methods, including email, SMS,phone calls alerts.
  • We keep you in the loop. After an initial notification, we proactively send hourly updates via the same method of communication until the issue is cleared.

Even more – A dedicated account manager who knows your IT inside and out.

With Business Networks & Technologies dedicated account manager, you feel like you have an In-House IT person, whenever needed, whether you’re required an immediate account credentials, lockout, hardware & software warranty info, configurations and much more.
A dedicated account manager is guarantees the following but not limited to:

  • Upgrade network projects.
  • Scheduled maintenance announcements.
  • Monthly/Quarterly IT related meetings ( Physical and/or Online)
  • IT budget meetings review and management.
  • Infrastructure hardware and software recommendations and integrations.
  • Design and implement security solutions.
  • Immediate response for accounts lockouts.
  • ISP support and sales coordinator.
  • General IT support provider ( Network & Hosted)