File Sync & Sharing

Discover ShareSync: A business grade file collaboration tool

ShareSync is a business-grade file collaboration application tool. It keeps files and folders in sync on every device and therefore makes it simple to share those files inside and outside of the organization.


Syncing files across every device

ShareSync boosts mobility by keeping every file and folder up-to-date and accessible through Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry—or through any web browser.


Share inside and outside the company

ShareSync offers simple and secure folder and file sharing—even with people who don’t have it installed. All you need is an email address.


Keep files secure and protected

With a 99.99%, at-rest and in-transit encryption, and strict control over permissions and access, ShareSync is truly business-grade.


Stay Productive

Use ShareSync to manage and share files directly from Microsoft Office & Outlook


Good news: there’s just one control panel for all ALL your critical hosted products services—including ShareSync. This lets you leverage existing user and service settings to add ShareSync without the complexity and avoiding any errors.

ShareSync pricing and storage options


Overage rate: $0.24 per 1 GB
Storage is applied to and shared across all ShareSync users on the account.
Some Hosted products include a 10GB ShareSync service per user, please contact us for more details.



Need apps for your device?

Install mobile apps to access ShareSync on the go. When you install ShareSync on your mobile device, you can open and view files, share files, and save content to your ShareSync folder.
To download apps, search for ShareSync in the app store on your mobile device. Or, use the links below:
Apple iOS
Windows Phone


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