Why Us

Saving your IT costs is our mission!

We truly care about our users and our solutions.Which is why we are constantly improving our technology products for our valued users.

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Free System Reviews

We are confident on our abilities to determine better infrastructure planning opportunities for your business,that we will review,diagnose and advise at no charge,in order to properly recommend you on such planning matters.

Excellent Business Rates

Our excellent and affordable rates assist to build a long-term business relations with current and potential customers.With such great rates,any business, no matter its size and type, can afford utilizing our IT services and solutions.

One-Stop Solutions Provider

Start saving today,and avoid capital expenditure with our complete high-end Hosted solutions,that enable you to communicate,collaborate,manage content and deploy enterprise grade solutions.

Fast On-site and Remote esponse

Response time is critical to any type of business;our guaranteed 3-hour fast response makes the difference,by phone,on-line and on-site.

Assigned Account Manager

Avoid communications failures by having an assigned account manager,who is most familiar with your office network,and will serve as your primary point of technical support , sales and budget contact.Your account manager coordinates with the engineers for upcoming projects and/or any other technical tasks to be completed properly as well.

Redundant Data-centers

All of our Cloud Hosted solutions are powered by multiple world-class data-centers for redundancy and optimized performance purposes,to ensure a smooth day to day functionality.

Affordable Preventive IT Plans

Preventive care system optimization solution for businesses,that proactively monitor,support and manage IT related issues for server,computer and network 24/7/365.

Certified IT Personnel

Our firm is solely comprised of professional and certified Microsoft,Cisco,Citrix,VM-Ware personnel, thereby achieving high quality service and consulting at very reasonable rates.

Excellent & Fast Support

Our knowledge and experience in technology assists us with resolving any IT challenge that occur in order to resolve quickly and efficiently.

Efficient Cloud Solutions

With just one login,one password,one bill and one source of support—creating tremendous cross-service efficiency for both users and IT administrators. And they all offer enterprise-grade security,99.99% availability and superior customer care to assure a pleasant experience.

Systems Migrations Assistance

Whether you need to migrate your e-mail system,Cloud server,or any other IT simple to complex challenge,we are up for it!

Data & Network Security Specialists

Networks has what we refer to as open Ports or “Holes”, protecting it from daily constant attempts of intruders is a continuous process. using a proper in-house and remote solution, we will identify weaknesses and prevent it from being compromised before it happens.

Reliable Data Backup Plans

Thecomplete data backup services and solutions, will cover BOTH your local and offsite network data, feel free to read more on our aggressive data backup plans, and contact us for a free consultation.

Business Benefits

We deliver the services you need to compete in today’s business environment.But its benefits extend far beyond the computer screen to impact every aspect of your business.

Centralized Control

Every cloud-hosted service is managed through the Online Control Panel. This centralization increases efficiency across your entire business cloud.

Complete Cloud Solutions

The complete critical office cloud solutions enables you to communicate, collaborate, manage content and deploy enterprise-grade application infrastructure. Each service is protected by enterprise-grade security and designed for mobility. And they’re all fully integrated to make both users and administrators more efficient.