Managed IT

How Managed IT Solution Benefits Your Business

Business Networks & Technologies specializes in finding the balance between providing the proper IT solutions for our customers, while assisting with preserving the overall technology expanses.


With today’s monitoring technologies, most of the computer and network related issues can be predicated and resolved ahead of time, the question you should be asking is “ When” , therefore, by engaging with a Managed IT plan that fits into your business size and type can prevent major down times and increases productivity.

Our Managed IT Care Solution proactively tune AND monitor your Computers, Servers and Network appliances 24/7/365 ,by using a professional and certified monitoring technology solution for your business. Each implemented monitoring solution has its unique purpose to perform such task successfully and efficiently.


The benefits below are examples on different monitoring categories, for each technology solution we support:
Server Alerts & Monitoring (Hosted or Physical):

  • Systems Temperature: One of the most important elements to maintain an healthy system, is its temperature. Whether your server is located in a small office space, or a designated server room, or even hosted, using a reliable monitoring system, will alert when the temperature rises above normal, and act accordingly to prevent damage and data loss.
  • CPU,Memory(RAM) & Hard Drive health & usage: Every computer system constantly communicate with such three hardware elements, thus, it is crucial to monitor such systems and prevent damage and data loss ahead of time, for example, if the CPU (the “brain”), is constantly utilized at %100, for a long period of time, it will first cause a very slow response, and eventually fail. By using a monitoring solution, you can prevent such event before damage occurs.
  • Overall Systems Performance: Every server is designated to perform one or several tasks, whether it is a file server, print server,Active Directory, E-mail,Terminal, etc.. . -monitoring its performance based on many elements(running services, processes,response times, etc..) , improves the day to day users experience , while prevents damage to your system.


Network Appliances (security & storage) Alerts & Monitoring:
Network Attacks: Networks has what we refer to as open Ports or “Holes”, protecting it from daily constant attempts of intruders, is a continuous process. Using an in-place alerts and monitoring solutions, can prevent such attacks ahead of time, and avoid compromising your sensitive data.
Network Performance: Network speed performance can be dramatically reduced by many factors such as: Viruses, Spam, Buttelnecks, hardware related issues, failed network drivers, and the list goes on. Therefore, with an efficient monitoring and alert system is in-place, performance related issues can be detected ahead of time, and addresses accordingly.


Data Files Directories & Applications Management Monitoring  Alerts:
Reliable Data Backup (Local & Online) – The best data backup plan is to make sure you have one.One of the most important levels in computing is backing up the entire data locally and offsite. Within every organization a well planed data backup solution must be at the top priority of every systems check list.Since data is added to our network on a daily basis, media failures and nature events, it is our responsibility to implement one or more data backup solutions to prevent any loss of data.


Business Networks & Technologies provide and support many data backup solutions yet affordable, to prevent data loss. the below examples are few data backup solutions we implement and support:

  • Raid Drive solutions –When at least two storage media devices (Hard Drive) exists and synchronized at the same time to read and write data information.
  • Centralized Local backup – Reliable automated via external local Drive/Tape Device backup solution that runs on the network at specified time and/or whenever a data change occurs.
  • Off-site backup – Reliable scheduled automated offsite backup solution. The off-site backup will back up the entire data to a remote data center location in case of major disaster occur; data can be restored via Internet.


Network & Data Forensics – With managed IT services, one of our daily tasks is investigating improper use of your data and network in your business.Making sure your infrastructure is properly secured, is one of our top priorities, preventing your data from being compromised and in control.


In summary, we are aware of the daily potential risks any type and size of business is exposed to, therefore, with experience and extensive technology knowledge, combined with certified engineers,  we provide a high quality of managed IT services for our customers, and the piece of mind for their business.


It would be our great pleasure to diagnose your network infrastructure  and advise on a suitable IT solution. Please call us to schedule a meeting , we will strive to reduce your current overall technology fees.