SIP Trunking

Your business will start saving and improving voice reliability by routing phone calls over the internet instead of the phone system provider

You can use it with most business VoIP phones or even older analog or digital phones.
Lower phone costs up to 50% Increase your phone system reliability Keep your current phone system and numbers Get crystal-clear voice quality Easy-to-use web-based administration

Why your business does require SIP Trunking service? Because it will lower your phone bills and improves reliability, without changing your existing numbers or invests with a new phone system.

What is SIP Trunking?

This is critical because a phone company typically charges businesses on a per-line basis for physical phone lines from their central office. These phone lines are costly. You invest a lot when you initially deploy them, and it’s very expensive to add more as you grow.

SIP Trunking is a cost-effective solution. It will route all your calls over your Internet connection.


Here’s how SIP Trunking helps your business:

  • You consolidate your voice and data traffic
  • You no longer need to pay for expensive phone lines from the phone company
  • You can cut your costs up to 50%—with no loss in either the capacity of your business to make and receive calls, nor the quality of those calls
  • You improve the reliability of your system by avoiding the mitigating threat of local outages

Most new phone systems are compatible with SIP Trunking with no extra equipment. (We will help you determine if your system is compatible.) Older phone systems may require a device called a VoIP Gateway adapter that translates analog and digital calls into VoIP calls.

In all cases, SIP Trunking brings new life to your existing phone system or provides the savings catalyst to purchase a new phone system—while cutting your operational costs and preserving your capital.

Best of all, with SIP Trunking, you can say goodbye to the phone company—forever.
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Lower your calling costs up to 50%

SIP Trunking saves you money by routing your calls over the Internet, instead of through the phone company.

  • Use your existing Internet connection for your phones. Bypassing the phone company can reduce operational costs up to 50%
  • Cut your calling charges. With reduced long-distance, toll-free and international calling rates.
  • No restricting contracts. Toy can cancel at any time without penalty.
  • Make free inter-office calls. SIP Trunking offers free calling across multiple sites at your company.
  • Pay only for what you need. It’s simple to add lines when you need them—with no expensive visits from technicians.
  • Simple setup and migration. The support team provides superior service for number porting and services provisioning.
  • Professional on-site installation. Our Certified Integration stuffwill setup and help you with any on-site needs from start to finish.
  • Free support. The support team is here for you with onboarding and ongoing support

SIP Trunking Integration

As a valued customer, you can benefit with integrating with a complete set of Hosted Services that includes hosted Exchange, Lync, ShareSync file sync and share, and many other critical office related tols.

SIP Trunking adds Internet call routing to this suite—without introducing any of the integration or budgetary headaches that would come if you had to add another vendor.

SIP Trunking offers:

  • Simple pricing. SIP Trunking can be added to your suite of services for a low-cost monthly payment
  • One provider and one bill. Your budgeting and auditing processes remain simple – No surprises
  • One source of support. No need to remember more phone numbers, account numbers or passwords
  • One control panel. SIP Trunking is managed on the same control panel that controls other critical hosted solutions

SIP Trunking Pricing

We offer several affordable pricing options. Our goal is to assist youwith keeping your voice services costs in line with your business budget. Whether your business rarely uses the phone or relies completely on it, one of the SIP Trunking’s three plan option is right for you.


Unlimited Plan – Great Value!


Choose this plan if…
You need unlimited local and long distance • You want predictable monthly bills

SIP Trunking Bundled Plan
Choose this plan if… You primarily make local calls (Additional long distance minutes are billed at 2.9 cents per minute)


SIP Trunking Metered Plan – “Pay Percall”
Choose this plan if…You prefer “pay percall” • Inbound calls usually come via your 800 number (1.89 cents per minute)


Still not sure which plan to choose?


Contact a member of our sales team to discuss your needs and understand your choices.


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