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Business Networks & Technologies is a high-end IT consulting firm, that proactively provides real-time prevention solutions programs, in an effort to guarantee up-time, efficiency and security to our valued customers.

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Reduced Costs

With the proactive & preventive care program, there are no sudden IT expanses, the entire network & computers are covered. In case where a network appliances should be replaced or reconfigured, a server repair or maintenance, pc repair, etc.. all covered under the preventive and maintenance program.

Increased Up-Time

When preventive and maintenance program is in place, your business gains continuity and efficiency. Our certified team manage the day-to-day IT operations, maintain security and validates backups integrity.

We are aware how important is running a healthy network environment is, for any type or size of business. Our goal is implementing a solution that will assist with preventing the most critical threats such as: network attacks, hardware errors and security breaches. Business Networks & Technologies – Preventive & Proactive Care Service offers an integrated set of solutions, implemented to help our customers with improving the stability and performance of their networks infrastructure. The Preventive & Proactive Care has been specifically designed to answer the need to support in these environments, providing top to bottom care solution that covers servers, operating systems, E-mail systems, Phone Systems, and networks.

Using the incident management system and procedures, assist our team to provide faster case resolution of more complex incidents. In addition, our technical solution specialists are equipped with automation technologies and tools designed to help reduce downtime and increase productivity. The Preventive & Proactive Care includes onsite hardware repair as well if it is required, to resolve the issue. In the event of a service incident, the Proactive Care provides our customers direct phone access to their designated account manager, who manages their case from start to finish.With a wide range of hardware support levels, our customers choose a service plan, that fits best for their business and budget.

Quicker Incident Resolution

One of the benefits our customers gain,is a Quicker incident resolution from specially trained engineers,with advanced resources who manage the case from start to end.

Analysis And Recommendations

Our analysis and recommended hardware firmware and software patching, assist with preventing future problems caused by hardware devices, whose firmware revision levels are no longer supported, and may become unstable.

Problem Prevention

Anticipating potential issues is achieved via automation tools, and cases history reports, to avoid incidents duplication errors.

Increased Accountability

The Proactive care program, increases accountability, with the assignment of an account manager, who works with our customers staff, and advice on technical related IT tasks and needs.

Preventive & Proactive Care Features

Our goal is to provide and maintain the highest value in all aspects of IT services & products, to better assist your business in reaching your goals and objectives. Please feel free to learn more about our Preventive & Care solution services, and contact us.We usually provide substantial savings for a wide range of IT care solutions.

[tabby title=”Support Resources”]
Engaging with our Preventive & Proactive care,guarantee the following:

  • Technical Account Managers – The Proactive & Preventive care solution, is equipped with a shared, remotely located technical engineers.Every customer’s site, is installed with a remote support technology, to enable scheduled hardware/software updates if required and recommended by the technical team. The updates are coordinated between the technical team and the customer. The technical team is available during business hours, to address and report any IT related tasks.
  • Remote Technical Engineers (RTEs) – A support resources specialists, that handle all the remote incidents for customers, from receiving the initial customers phone call , that describes the issue ,to its resolution. The RTE, may engage with other technical resources within Business Networks & Technologies, in an effort to resolve a problem.The RTE, is committed to the the customer’s incident, and satisfaction, from start to end.

[tabby title=”Problem Prevention”]
Business Networks & Technologies strives to maintain a healthy network environmental, which is why we provide the following:

  • We perform a proactive scan and analysis of customers computing system covered devices. This service designed to help identify potential system issues prior to impacting the customers computing environment.
  • By utilizing our installed remote support technology tools, the assigned remote technical personnel receive daily covered devices reports, that analyze its data to identify parameters that may cause an impact , and act accordingly.
  • A quarterly history incidents summary report,that describes the activity on incidents throughout the last quarter. It describes in details, the issues that were reported and the action that were taken to resolve the case.

[tabby title=”Case Management”]
Costumers can contact our technical support team,to report any IT related issues, that will be reviewed and routed by the its severity to a designated specialist to quickly resolve the issue. In the event where hardware failure requires an onsite service,a hardware technical specialist will then be contacted and scheduled to arrive to the customer’s site. We offer different types of hardware and support response time frames, to better assist with resolving issues.

Next Business Day Proactive Service – Services will be performed during standard business hours, and standard business days(9×5). Telephone and onsite services are available during business hours , between 9:00 am, and 6:00 pm, local time, Monday through Friday, excluding high holidays.
Onsite hardware response time – A technical authorized representative will arrive at the client’s site during business hours, unless specified differently.

4-hour 24×7 Proactive care Serive – Business Networks & Technologies, provide a 4hour 24×7, 7 days per week with holidays IT services. A technical authorized representative will arrive at the client’s site, within 4 hours after a service request was submitted.
[tabby title=”Personalized Support”]
In cases where our customers require performing complex IT projects and/or upgrades, Business Networks & Technologies will provide an assigned In-house technical support engineer, to assist with such projects completion. A personalized technical support engineer(PTSE) is also assigned to customers, when the client’s IT environment demands an assistance with the ongoing daily operations. The PTSE is more evolved with the customer’s environment, and can assist with addressing and resolving potential issues, and increase overall performance. The following scenarios occur when a PTSE is assigned to customers:

  • Periodic IT related meetings – A coordinated session will be conducted between the PTSE , the client and with our other support team, to review the service and support that was provided to the customer,over the previous amount of time period. The sessions purpose is to identify recommendations and progress activities, to validate efficiency.
  • Remote/Onsite Additional Technical Advise – The PTSE periodically collects the the customer’s IT reports, to identify potential risks and issues, such information is synchronize with our technical support team, to advise on system administration,upgrade planning, configuration, performance, analysis, and devices best selections.

[tabby title=” Hardware Support”]
A preventive network maintenance systems plans, offer high-level solid managed structure. We offer wide range of customized maintenance system plans, that fits your business according to its size and budget, utilizing remote, on-site, cloud, and off-site alerts monitoring management techniques, with routine inspections. By implementing a solid maintenance structure ensures a healthy network environment for our customers. Preventing future problems keeps your business productive and efficient, while saving your overall network expanses. Contact us to schedule an on-site assessment free of charges, and one of our system support specialist will review your network, to provide the maintenance plan that fits your business structure.